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Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes! Freight time varies though. Standard times are: Norway 1-3 business days, Europe 4-7 business days, Worldwide 4-15 business days

Q: I'm in a band/I manage a band - can I sell my merch in your store?

A: Maybe! Inquire through We look for good artists/bands who do quality products and knows how to communicate with their fans.

Q: Where's the Ramones/Iron Maiden/Beatles tee?

A: We specialise in local artists and bands from Norway. Maybe H&M can help you?

Q: Is this a big Small/ medium XL?

A: The sizes of each category varies from different tshirt brands. Check out size charts from fruitoftheloom Send us an email if you want specific answers.

Q: Last week I see a t-shirt in the store and now it's gone... Will it come back?

A: Very often, the merch come in small editions, so act fast or live dangerously. It is very unpredictable if bands reprint their merch. But send us an email and we might be able to give you a more specific answer.

Q: Are and Tiger Records the same?

A: Yes! is Tiger Records specialising in merch. All items at can be seen IRL at Tiger Records in Oslo (googlemaps). The Tiger office is also where we do all the packaging and customer support

Q: Are and Diger Distro the same?

A: Yes! Diger Distro is our distribution and manufacturing service. Many of the items at is producd by Get in touch if you want to print merch (or vinyl/CDs)!

Q: Are and Fysisk Format the same?

A: Yes! Fysisk Format is our record label.


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